The Pro Athletes Financial Mastermind (PAMM) is a free platform for both active and retired professional athletes. PAMM provides you with support, training, networking and educational opportunities. Our mission is to expose this exclusive group of like-minded individuals to alternative financial and career opportunities without the pressure of being approached for money.  PAMM is a safe and trusted community for those who wish to network with professional athletes and high-level business professionals outside of their immediate circle.

All athletes, partners and educators will be heavily vetted prior to participation. It is our goal to make sure all participants on both sides of the aisle are fully aware of our mission as an organization. This is about you, the athlete, the individual who should have every opportunity to continue your legacy off the field, court or course.

Through face-to-face networking opportunities, private online communication tools and peer to peer conversions, we hope we can provide continually education and opportunities for your ongoing financial freedom.


  • Access to all PAMM networking events
  • Access to all PAMM training and educational events
  • Exposure to education and other career path opportunities
  • Access to private online networking groups
  • Introductions to family office and other potential investors
  • Deal flow opportunities in real estate, hospitality, blockchain, and other alternative investment sectors



Will Smith, Retired NFL Player & Real Estate Advisor

252-258-8168 | willie@overtongroup.net

John Manes, CEO Pinnacle Storage Properties

210-818-1496 | john@johnmanes.com