Case Study: A True Collaboration Between Operations and Marketing Drives Results

As a self-storage owner/operator you regularly face a variety of challenges. Your rank among your competitors, the effectiveness of your managers, and the strength of your overall presence in the marketplace are just a few of the issues that may keep you awake at night.

What strategies do you have in place to boost business, convert leads, and increase revenue in an under-performing location? Do you fully understand the power of your operations team working with your marketing agency or in-house marketing team to implement these strategies and tackle the problem head on? 

Pinnacle Storage Properties was faced with an under-performing location in Katy, TX. To ensure a return for investors and be able to pay the lender, this location needed to boost occupancy and increase revenue. Because of a 6-month delay in bringing the product to market, the facility faced financial pressure and had to use contingency funds to meet financial obligations.

Pinnacle Storage Property’s Operations division had to find a way to increase traffic and attract leads that would create a positive outcome. Working closely with their agency, FineView Marketing, Pinnacle was able to implement strategies that aligned with FineView’s customized marketing plan and get this location performing better than expected, creating the optimal financial outcome.  

  • Operations developed specials that positioned the facility for immediate cash and allowed for aggressive future rent increases.
  • Operations focused on staff training to accommodate all tenants with innovative thinking.
  • FineView created a content strategy to communicate specials across all marketing channels.
  • Operations accommodated customers by using innovative thinking to meet demand.
  • FineView increased the location’s online presence with a focus on local SEO and social media to increase traffic and attract leads.
  • Store managers connected with local business by implementation of the community marketing campaign designed by FineView Marketing.

If you’d like to see the positive outcomes that resulted from this campaign, click on the Case Study image below.


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