How Smart Entry Technology Benefits Self Storage Tenants

For those of you who are not “digital natives” and want to function comfortably in the current “tech” environment, it’s important to understand smart technology. According to Netlingo, smart technology is: “A catch-all phrase for a wide variety of technology that is made possible by the convergence of two trends that will profoundly reshape the world around us.” Okay, that definition is a little vague, but if you think about smart TVs, smartphones, and smart homes you get the idea.

As leaders in delivering first-class projects, Pinnacle Storage Properties knows the industry and understands the value of smart entry technology. Twenty years ago smart entry technology may not have mattered, but most of today’s customers are digital natives. They’ve grown up in the technology era and are not only comfortable with technology but expect everything they do to be somehow powered by devices and platforms. If your self storage facility isn’t up to date with smart entry technology, you may be losing customers to the facility down the street that has provided its tenants with a seamless entry experience.

Do you have concerns that some of your tenants will resist new technology? Don’t worry. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easily they adapt. Even older tenants have been using smartphones for years, and they love the convenience of not having to remember where they put their keys and the ease of entering their unit by clicking on an app.

Smart Entry Technology Benefits Self Storage Tenants

Online Rental

A seamless online rental process is a must in today’s chaotic environment. Customers can rent a smart storage unit as easily as they can request food pickup, order groceries, or make a purchase on Amazon. After renting online and signing their lease digitally, tenants can download the system app and access their unit through their smartphone.

Smart Storage Units

Smart storage units feature the newest technology in storage unit locks. These units have a lock and hasp system that is wireless, cloud-based, and managed with a digital control system. Continuous monitoring for motion and body heat keeps the units safe from theft and vandalism. Tenants access their units by using their smartphone or a Bluetooth key fob. There are no codes to remember and no keys to be lost.

Smart Gate and Multiple Points of Entry

Instead of having to type in a code on a keypad, smart entry systems use Bluetooth technology via a smartphone app or Bluetooth key fob to access the gate, door, elevator, stairs, and office. There is no code for tenants to remember, and they no longer have the inconvenience of having to exit their vehicle to open the gate.

Temporary Access

A tenant can text a temporary access code to friends, family members, co-workers, or movers to enter a storage unit anywhere in the world. Access can be immediately revoked when it is no longer needed. It’s never necessary to memorize a gate code.

No More Lost Keys and Forgotten Codes

With a smart entry system, there is no need for traditional keys, locks, or other hardware. Tenants can open their units with their phones and won’t have to spend time trying to recall codes or search for keys.

Safer Facilities

Tenants are far more comfortable with storing their belongings in a facility that features a smart entry system that has thermal monitoring to prevent fires and activity monitors to stop theft. That extra layer of security gives tenants peace of mind that their valuables are safe and protected.

Integrate Technology to Make Your Tenant’s Rental Experience Even Better

Smart tools can be integrated to make your tenant’s rental experience even better. When smart storage units and smart entry tools work together the same technology can be used to control access from the gate all the way down to the unit. As mentioned above, there are no codes or keys to remember and all entry is touchless. Tenants can make a payment or send a message to the manager in the same app. Smart entry and smart storage units can be easily connected as part of a complete security system.

Final Thoughts
Smart entry technology has the potential to help both large and small storage businesses to attract more tenants, boost revenue, and streamline their day-to-day operations. This is a win-win for managers and tenants.