How to Optimize Your Tenant’s Self Storage Rental Experience

The core of your company’s success is the satisfaction of your customers. Happy, satisfied customers stay with you longer, and make your business profitable. Today’s self storage customers are demanding. They want the same ease of experience whether they’re renting a unit or paying their bill.

Most customers want answers now, not tomorrow; and, the longer it takes to respond, the more likely it is that the customer will move on to a more responsive site. To keep your customers content, it’s crucial to optimize their self storage experience.  

Here at Pinnacle Storage Properties, our superior operating platform provides the opportunity to leverage systems across all locations, giving customers the self storage rental experience that they want.


Optimize Your Self Storage Tenant’s Rental Experience

Make Your Website Tenant Friendly

A Seamless Self-Service Experience

Digitally savvy customers want to serve themselves. They don’t want to pick up the phone; or, even worse, drive to your facility. Self-service is preferred over human contact by  40% of consumers, and Dimension Data found that 73% of customers prefer to use a company’s website, rather than social media or live chat.

When a customer is trying to determine the right size unit for their needs, they’re not interested in calling a support representative. Typically, their first thought is to locate the answer online via an interactive size guide, an FAQ page, or a how-to video. 

It’s this kind of online behavior that has driven companies to implement self-service solutions.

But surprisingly, 55% of customers find web self-service portals difficult to use. If the self-service portal isn’t easy to use, your tenants won‘t use it. 

For example, tenants expect online bill pay to work seamlessly. Autopay is a must-have for digitally connected customers. Automated rent payments are one less thing that they have to deal with every month. They not only dislike making a phone call, but writing a check is even more bothersome for them.

An Online Self Storage Rental Experience

The Convenience of Online Rental

What could be more convenient for your prospects than sitting in front of their computer  drinking coffee and eating a bagel while they rent storage online. They can select their unit, sign the lease and rent self storage online without calling or even visiting the office. All the paperwork is completed in advance from the convenience of a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Include an all-in-one, online rental platform to complete online move-ins seamlessly for your customers. An online rental platform is not only a customer convenience, but it shows your customers that you’re keeping your self storage rental experience up to date.


Online FAQs

Easily Find Answers Online

FAQs are your opportunity to communicate with customers who are in the research phase of their self storage rental experience. This is the point where they’re looking for the best terms, prices, and amenities, yet they may not be ready to engage with an employee. Make it simple for them to find answers to their questions by adding a link to FAQs on your home page. 

Exceptional customer service and a professional, knowledgeable staff will never be outdated, but adding an FAQ section to your website can mean the difference between a tenant choosing you or your competitor. 


Rental Trucks

Available Rental Trucks 

As an entrepreneur, you understand that once in a while you have to spend money to make money. One way you can do this is to give your customers the convenience of being able to rent a free truck during move-in. If you invest in your own trucks, you’ll have a mobile advertisement for your brand. If you don’t want the added expense and responsibility of owning trucks, you can partner with a local company. Your busy renters will be delighted, not only with the convenience of not having to spend time looking for a truck rental, but with a free service.


Advanced Security

Give Your Tenants Peace of Mind

According to the 2020 SSA Self Storage Demand Study, 10.6% of households currently rent a self-storage facility. That is an estimated 13.5 million households who are trusting your facility with everything from large appliances, to treasured antiques and business inventory. They want more protection than a basic unit lock.

Your facility should provide preventive measures like video surveillance, unique passcode-protected gates and doors, and perimeter fencing. To optimize your tenants’ self storage security you should consider a Bluetooth enabled technology that allows keyless access and digital key sharing. 



This article can be summed up in one word: convenience. If you want to optimize your tenant’s self storage rental experience, the key is a tenant-friendly website that enables them to locate what they need quickly and seamlessly. The majority of your customers expect self-service tools; they want to find what they need more efficiently that they can with traditional methods.