Increase Your Self Storage Revenue with Mass Relocatable Storage

Adding relocatable storage units to your facility’s unused or underutilized land is a great way to quickly generate additional income. They fit perfectly in large parking lots or unused Boat/RV spaces helping you to optimize your space and maximize revenue.

Are you looking to increase your revenue? Is your occupancy at capacity? Do you need a solution that provides a quick turnaround? Moveable Additional Storage Structures (MASS) could be the perfect value-add solution for your storage business.

MASS units are an attractive and budget-friendly alternative to new construction. You can spend months, or even years working to meet permitting requirements for traditional storage buildings. This process can delay your scheduled opening date, pushing back the time frame. With MASS units, not only do you avoid building delays, but these portable storage units are considered real property, allowing you to bypass prolonged permitting and zoning processes. These relocatable units are generally eligible for 100% deduction after one year. 

Whether you just need a few storage units or you’re getting ready for a substantial expansion, MASS units will turn your Class C property into a Class A property. The units are useful in  underutilized areas like an unused corner lot or sloping land that can’t support permanent construction. 

Because you can avoid the permitting hassle, you can start renting these units as soon as they are built.You have the flexibility of being able to quickly generate increased income with minimal investment and provide secure, convenient storage for renters. They are easily moveable with a 5,000 lb. forklift, and can be expanded to accommodate growth. 

Aesthetically, these units give owners the option of keeping the same look as the rest of their facility. They’re constructed using the same components as traditional structures, allowing for aesthetics to remain consistent. You won’t have to be concerned about your branding or door colors.

Relocatable storage is a quick and easy way to expand your property and increase revenue, without compromising the look of your facility.