The Pinnacle Storage Properties Story | Part 1: Who is John Manes?

Who is John Manes?  John is an entrepreneur who is using his knowledge and resources to create a company that is a force in the self-storage industry. As the CEO of Pinnacle Storage Properties, some would portray John as a self-made man, a man who overcame his humble beginnings to become a successful business investment strategist. But be assured that John Manes isn’t the kind of man whose ego is so big that he doesn’t recognize the contributions of others. His self-confidence doesn’t overwhelm his humility.

“My childhood experiences are so important because they made me who I really am in business today. “

John and his two brothers grew up in New Jersey during the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Their family was less than affluent, but John was fortunate to have a stepfather from whom he learned a solid work ethic. As John’s football coach, his stepfather taught him the values of drive, determination, and competition. John still sustains those values today.

As a teenager, John found employment in retail.  He spent 17 years, mainly in discount and big box stores, eventually advancing to district and regional management.  When he began to feel that the retail sector had run its course for him, he tried single- and multi-family investment. Still feeling that instinctive tug to a new career path, John looked at jobs in warehouse and multi-family management.  

John’s introduction to the self storage industry came when he applied for and was hired as District Manager of Uncle Bob’s Self Storage (now LifeStorage). After an exceptionally successful three years in the San Antonio – Austin market, he was promoted to Regional Vice President.  His reward for this accomplishment was relocation to Buffalo, NY – an area where the average annual snowfall is 93.4 inches.

John’s only education is from the school of “hard knocks.”  He does not have a formal education, as his business partners do, but he does believe that knowledge is power.  A core value of Pinnacle Storage Properties is a “thirst for learning.” John and his partners have a genuine curiosity that goes beyond education. They re-educate and reinvent themselves as Pinnacle Storage Properties expands.  

“As a company, our culture is fun.”

Upon reflection, John states, “My childhood experiences are so important because they made me who I really am in business today.  As a company, our culture is fun. There’s a lot of drive and determination, a lot of competition and a lot of contests. Who I am, combined with who my business partners are, is what creates our positive culture.”