Self Storage Facility Design and Aesthetic Trends

Facility Design and Aesthetic Trends

Gone are the days when self storage facilities were unattractive, warehouse-like spaces located on the outskirts of town. Today many storage facilities are moving into residential areas, necessitating a change in building design and aesthetics.

Facility owners recognize the importance of creating an inviting, visually appealing environment. A well-designed facility not only sets it apart from the competition but also establishes a positive first impression.

Aesthetics can be a powerful tool in attracting new renters. By investing in an attractive facade, facility owners can create a sense of trust and professionalism. This will make potential tenants more likely to choose their facility over others.

Moreover, aesthetics can also have a significant impact on the overall customer experience. When tenants walk into a storage facility that is well-designed, clean, and attractive they feel a sense of comfort and security. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and long-term success for the facility.

Developers like Pinnacle Storage Properties can attract new tenants by enhancing the eye appeal of self storage properties. Furthermore, this approach helps to appease communities that may be resistant to such developments.

Pinnacle Storage Properties Building Design

Trends in Self Storage Building Design

Smaller Multi-Story Sites
Large development sites can be hard to come by in urban areas. A lack of space as well as zoning board regulations have led to an increase in multi-story self storage building design. These facilities will often have an attractive ground-floor lobby with elevators for tenant convenience.

Vertical Structures
There are a number of people who choose a storage facility after seeing it while driving. For this reason, storage operators frequently like to have a vertical architectural feature that displays their name and phone number.

A clock tower is a popular option because it’s classic and gives an impression of dependability. Some owners choose a structure that is representative of their location. For example, a lighthouse is popular in coastal areas.

Natural Light
Natural light not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the facility but also creates a more pleasant and inviting environment. Large windows, skylights, and transparent roofing materials are being incorporated to allow sunlight into the storage units and common areas.

Communal Spaces
Some facilities are adding communal spaces that encourage social interaction among tenants. These spaces may include lounges, coffee bars, and even coworking areas. Creating a sense of community within the facility fosters a more positive tenant experience and increases customer satisfaction.

Niche Storage
In the right areas, operating a niche self storage facility can be very profitable. For example, boat and RV storage can be very profitable where those hobbies are popular.

Another growing niche in the self storage industry is wine storage. Some facilities provide business owners and wine connoisseurs with wine storage. These climate-controlled units have the perfect conditions for storing vintage and expensive wines. Additionally, many of these facilities provide workspace for tenants to manage their collection as well as complimentary wine receiving.

Connected Units
Some self storage facilities are marketing to small businesses by providing connected units. These are units that open into each other. One serves as a self storage while the other is used for office space.

This isn’t to say that a tenant will work from this office area all day or on a daily basis. However, it works for things like wrapping and packing shipments and minor paperwork. These facilities typically offer printing and faxing services, along with delivery acceptance.

Modular Units
Modular units can be reconfigured to accommodate various storage needs. With these units, facility owners can maximize the use of available space and provide flexibility to tenants. This is particularly beneficial to businesses and individuals with unique storage requirements.

Attractive Landscaping
Attractive landscaping makes customers feel welcome, especially if the facility is located in a more rural area. A homey entrance with trees, flowering plants, and well-manicured hedges adds visual appeal and attracts prospects. If the property is well kept, people will be more inclined to trust that their belongings will be secure.

Transforming an existing building that was used for another purpose is also becoming popular. Vacant factories, churches, and big box stores are being transformed into vibrant self storage facilities. This is a good option for developers and a win for the surrounding community.

Architecture that Aligns with Local Tradition
Respecting local traditions is another popular design trend. Self storage facilities have to be developed with building regulations in mind. Nevertheless, restrictions can be imposed to align with the local area. For example, local authorities may request a design that looks like an apartment building. On the other hand, a more country look can be desired in a rural area.

Eco-Friendly Self Storage Design
Self storage facilities are already somewhat sustainable. They consume less energy than office buildings, retail shops, and restaurants. Some self storage developers are working with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to advise on more energy-efficient solutions.


In summary, design and aesthetics are not just about making a storage facility look good; they can have an overall impact on the customer experience. By staying on top of current trends in self storage design, facility owners can attract new tenants, retain existing ones, and ultimately increase their bottom line.