Today’s Self Storage Office: Updated and Inviting

Walk into your self storage office as if you’re a potential tenant, and see how you feel. Is the office bright, cheerful, and welcoming or is it outdated, dreary, and cluttered with paperwork, used coffee cups and office supplies? A bright and welcoming office says that your organization is in control and that your self storage experience will be professional and problem free.

On the other hand, a dreary cluttered office gives the opposite impression. The dirty door and grimy windows should have been your first clue. Everything in this office screams disorganization and chaos. If the counter is covered with paper, the floors are damaged and the waste baskets are overflowing, you’ll want to turn around, get in your car and head to the self storage facility down the street.



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Updated Self Storage Office Design

According to Bruce Jordan, President of Jordan Architects Inc., 60% of self-storage rental agreements are signed by women. This has fostered a designer look that’s definitely different from the more “business office” feeling of past years. Since the customer-service counter is the first thing that prospective renters see when they enter the facility, it should be friendly, professional, and well appointed. Many of these newer office areas are designed to resemble hotel lobbies or modern retail facilities, with a spacious feel, lots of glass, and high-end lighting. Cabinets with special finishes, granite countertops, and luxury-look flooring all add to the upscale atmosphere.

Flat-screen monitors mounted on the walls serve to remind customers that the facility is equipped with video surveillance cameras. Additionally, retail displays are designed with shelves and end caps for display, just as you would see in a retail store. Shelving units are kept low so that people can see over the top. 

Some of the largest facilities even go as far as to include child-play areas, conference rooms, mailing and shipping desks and computer work modules. If there is enough space, a sample storage display unit with a roll-up door and a latch-and-lock system can be displayed so that managers can demonstrate its use. An organized work space and break room for the manager can also be incorporated into many of these larger structures.

It goes without saying that no matter how beautiful your design or how well-organized your office space, it has to be well-maintained. Following are some tips to keep your office inviting and professional.


A Tidy Self Storage Office is a Happy Self Storage Office

Keep it Free of Clutter

Those piles of paperwork that “I’ll get to later” can turn into a mess that not only looks bad but attracts dust, mildew, and pollen. File them immediately upon completion. At the end of the day, sort through and dispose of any unneeded items, and be sure that all surfaces are neat and clean.

Keep Windows, Doors and Floors Clean

The abundant natural light that flows in through large (or small) windows keeps your space bright and cheerful. Keep those windows clean and shiny, either with professional help or your own maintenance crews. Once the glass becomes dirty and spotted, the windows detract from the beauty of your office area. Don’t forget to keep the front door spotless, and the floors will need to be swept and cleaned regularly. 

Keep an Eye on the Furniture

Worn, dirty, and damaged furniture is not a good look. Upholstered furniture should be professionally cleaned regularly and replaced if it becomes stained, worn or threadbare. Leather, vinyl or any nonporous materials can be wiped off with Murphy’s Oil Soap or other protective spray products. Furniture cushions can be flipped to prolong their life.

Keep Work Surfaces Spotless

Granite, wood, laminate or metal counter surfaces need at least a weekly dusting and cleaning. A good furniture polish will keep wood shiny and protected. There are tons of great cleaning products available for all your hard surfaces.

Keep Electronics Free of Dust

Computers, monitors, tablets, kiosks and peripherals get frequent use and demand frequent cleaning. Computer stores can give you advice on the cleaning products or check 9 Best Products for Cleaning Electronics 2021 for some great advice and the newest products available.


Final Thoughts

Today’s consumer expects not only top notch customer service, state-of-the-art security, and a problem-free experience, but they want an environment that caters to their aesthetics. The self storage office is the first encounter a customer has with your facility. Keep it orderly, cheerful and welcoming. Your customers, your staff, and your reputation will be happy.